Human Resources Management

We offer expert HR solutions to corporate and individual clients who have a hard time employing and retaining employees, hence; seek our services and professionalism to recruit and deploy tried and tested employees. Our deployment packages are designed to meet a variety of customers’ needs. We present to you our corporate recruitment package.


Hiring of qualified and competent staff based on the specification of the client.

HR Outsourcing

Recruitment, Deployment and(or) Management of staff on behalf of the client.

Executive Search

Recruitment of Top Level Staff(Executives) for clients.

Employee screening and Background check

Verification of claims and records of the employees for confirmation.

Management and Organisational review

A practical review of Management and Organizational structure with respect to productivity.

HR OutsourcingExecutive Performance Review and Compensation Analysis

Performance management of Top Level Executives and corresponding compensation.

Salary and compensation Studies

A detailed analysis of staff salaries and how commensurate they are to the output.

Policies and Procedures Review and Development

Review of the current policies and procedures and the development of a roadmap for planning and execution of organisational initiatives which are relevant to the organisational business plan.

Staff Manual Articulation/Production

Developing and producing a staff manual that contains code of conduct.

Succession Planning

Planning of a smooth transition from the incumbent to the successor in strategic positions.

Attitudinal Surveys

Evaluating the employees’ attitude to work and the cause effect.

Conflict Resolution and Intervention

Crisis management among the staff and also between the staff and the company.

Orientation of New Staff

An introductory training programme for the newly engaged staff.

Management Retreat Services

Organising and conducting management retreats in a very conducive environment(Home & Abroad) with world class facilities, where performances are reviewed, as well as propose action plans for improvement in performances.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching of Top Level Executives in the areas of Communication, Presentation skills, Leadership and General comportment.

Overseas Training

Trainings for junior and senior staff are facilitated in organisations with first class training facilities around the world.

Our Executive Drivers Supply Division is in the business of recruiting, training and deploying drivers to corporate organizations and high networth individuals. Our drivers' skills, experience and professionalism are second to none in the business. With over a decade experience and reputation in recruitment, training and hiring services, we can assure that our executive driver's scheme is a veritable platform that is able to provide this very unique service experience.

Retainership & Management

Our retainership model is an annual contract engagement, whereby a corporate organization is availed of our Drivers' Recruitment Services for the entire year. We administer full service control and management over all deployed drivers, with a view to ensuring undivided service delivery and also check excesses. Our management approach is a holistic service/ training framework with vital elements in customer service, vehicle maintenance, behavioural ethics and routine medical or fitness checks. The drivers are periodically called in for assessment.

Retainership & Non Management

This is a recruit, train and deploy only Retainership package but we do not manage them.

Non Retainership

Corporate clients are free to avail our non-retainership model, and enjoy executive driver recruitment services as often as required for a fee.

Individual Package

The Individual package is a driver recruitment solution for High Networth Individuals.