Public Sector Support Services

An effective, efficient, transparent and accountable public sector is a key factor in fighting poverty and ensuring the provision of infrastructure. We understand these unique missions of governments, and can help address your key priorities and challenges. Leveraging our expertise in the public and private sectors, PG Consulting delivers innovative solutions that help you achieve critical outcomes.

We support governments at all levels with intellectual or research inputs in their development programmes. We are able to monitor such programmes and provide expert assessment reports on a periodic basis. We simply help to make governments more effective and efficient, as their dependable partner in social intervention projects. We work with donor agencies and such global bodies as the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, Ford Foundation, etc. to ensure full implementation of funded projects. With PG Consulting, there are no compromises. And we have several testimonials to show for that.

We help to take your idea from concept to completion by identifying problems, if any, in project conceptualisation through to implementation and suggest/recommend changes in the program implementation strategy for future intervention. Whether you are looking to building a major physical structure, a multi-facet development, or implement a major urban renewal scheme, we got the expertise and know-how to transform your ideas into successful outcomes.

As consultants to the various tiers of government, ministries, departments and agencies , we have extensive experience in policy analysis, formulation, regulation impact and the implementation of policy and programmes. We provide policy analysis to support policy formulation and implementation to stakeholders in the public sector. Our experience includes policy reviews, evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness and assessment of programme implementation.

We help your business to capture new opportunities for both growth and efficiency with our comprehensive set of project monitoring and evaluation capabilities. We offer the whole value chain of project management and transformation covering all industries.

We offer strategic and tactical services on an as-needed basis or provide total project management and control services for the entire duration of a project. Our focus is constantly on improving the delivery of projects across all segments and relies on well-proven processes and state-of-the-art project management technologies to improve collaboration among project stakeholders and optimize performance.

Social projects awareness is crucial to the overall impact such initiatives have in terms of social welfare, social change and improved quality of life of the people. The foregoing we do to enhance the outcomes of such projects.

We deploy effective schemes which use different publicity strategies for different categories of audiences and our "transactional model" which recognizes that the sender and receiver of a message through the feedback mechanism are both effectively communicating ensures desired outcomes.

Public sector participants, whether they are politicians or civil service personnel, are required to align with the policies and procedures that have been designed to ensure adequate provision of amenities and infrastructure. Our support systems help the various stakeholders in the public sector to better serve through sustained orientation campaigns, seminars and workshops.