Advert Design

We design artworks for your advert placement.

Advert Placement

We do advert placement in national dailies and magazines.

Online Advertising

There’s being a shift in the advertising world. People now go online to do their shopping and also to scout for businesses and products. This is a veritable platform for you and we now offer our platform for you to showcase your products and services online.

Media Relations

We have a team who is well versed in media relations that will manage your relationships with the media and put it on a strong and positive footing.

Public Relations Campaign Planning

A well thought out public relations campaign is conceptualised through strategic planning to put your organisation in good light publicly.

Exhibitions and Outdoor Campaigns

We organise and facilitate exhibitions and also outdoor campaigns which give your brand and organisation the needed visibility.

Event and Conference Management

We manage events and conferences on behalf of clients. This takes away the burden off the client, thereby allowing you to concentrate on other things.

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is the overall image of a firm or business in the minds of the customers, investors and the public. We will create a positive image for your company.