Marketing Services

Market Planning and Strategy

In developing marketing plan and strategy, we will help you understand your business, customers, strategy for success and also come up with some tactics to allow you meet the goals you set.

Events Planning & Marketing

We will come up with strategies on how to make your event a success by helping you plan it. Also we can help you market your event. By doing that, you would have achieved two things; organising a successful event and also making money from it.

Outsourced Marketing

We can help you plan and run the marketing department of your company as a consultant in order to increase the success rate of your company and its products.

Distributorship Management Scheme

We help you manage your distributors by coordinating them and also ensure their productivity. Also we can help you expand your distributorship line.

Product Survey

We help you conduct a survey of your product to see the success rate in the market and also the attendant issues so that decisions can be taken from an informed position.

Customers Research/Forum

What do your customers think about your services, are they satisfied, what do they want improved and how. These and many more questions hold the key to your continued success and we will help you find honest answers to all the questions through the customers research/forum we will conduct and organise on your behalf.

Project Management

We undertake projects on your behalf. We simplify the process of managing the resources (Human & Capital) that has been committed into the project.

Product Launch

We can help you plan and manage your product launch.

Road Shows

We can help you organise road shows where your products or services will be displayed through the use of sales promoters.

Trade Exhibitions

We organise trade exhibitions where different corporate organisations come together under one platform to exhibit their products or services. We can also do it on behalf of a company.

With a wealth of over a decade experience in corporate events management, we are rightly positioned to help you organise events like Annual General Meetings, Product Launch, Conferences and Anniversaries etc. We add a touch of finesse, excellence and panache to your events.