Epson Photo Academy

The Epson Photo Academy, operated by PG Consulting, is a specialised training platform offering world-class photography training across the broad spectrum of photography skills. Training programmes are available within the Academy for Amateur photographers and Photo Enthusiasts. There are professional training courses for those who wish to take up photography as a business. We also have Advanced Programmes for professionals who are desirous of honing their photography skills. The Epson Photo Academy conducts intensive training programmes that combine academic activities with practical field learning activities. The aim is to produce digital-age photographers that can hold their own anywhere in the world. The pioneer Programme Director was Uche James Iroha, an outstanding Nigeria photo professional who studied and has held photo exhibitions in Europe. Our programmes are intensive but highly rewarding.

Find below our training modules:

  • Photography Appreciation- 2 days (weekend)
  • Basic Photography- 1 month (Thursday, Friday & Saturday weekly)
  • Intermediary Photography- 1 month (Friday, Saturday & Sunday weekly)
  • Photo Editing/Manipulation- 2 weeks
  • Photography Business- 2 weeks
  • Advanced Photography- 3 months (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday weekly)
  • Products of the Academy have gone on to become employers of labour, holding major photo exhibitions in Nigeria & overseas.

Admissions are available throughout the year for various courses. Please call to confirm the commencement date for the course of your choice.

InPhoto Lagos

This is an annual photo exhibition featuring products of the Epson Photo Academy who showcase their works to the admiration of patrons from all works of life. It is an interesting event open to public participation and sponsorship. Photography patrons in Nigeria look forward to this event annually.